Hall Training Systems
We're proudly serving Oxfordshire by providing you with a personal training service that gives you the very best in training techniques and nutritional advice. I believe nutrition equates to about 80%
Studio One 2 One
Set within our beautiful thatched studio, Studio One 2 One in Faringdon, Oxfordshire provides fun and effective personal training and weight loss programmes, designed personally to meet your
Emma Maitland-Carew Nutrition
Nutritional Therapy uses food, supplements and changes to lifestyle to provide the nutrients needed to support your body's natural healing mechanisms in order to promote optimum health. This
Feel Fit
Everyone wants to look and feel great! There is no better way to achieve your dream shape than enjoying our weight loss programmes that offer challenging exercises in a friendly and fun environment.
Frances Carroll Nutrition
I was talking to a prospective client this week about a weight loss programme that she is stopping herself from trying because she's afraid to fail. She says she's tried so many other diets, on so
Allergy & Nutrition Centre
I offer a comprehensive range of Nutritional Therapy, counselling and advice. If you suffer from conditions such as digestive problems, IBS, thyroid disorders, headaches, stress, anxiety, skin
Helen Money Nutrition
Formerly a fund manager, I worked in the City for 16 years and I know the stresses that work can put on health. A good diet is essential to sustaining energy levels, stamina and to performing well. I
Dr Olga Lesniak
Dr Olga Lesniak qualified as a Medical doctor in 1990. She has specialised in infectious diseases, general medical practice, nutritional medicine and hypnopsychotherapy. In her practice Dr Lesniak
Mark Thouless Personal Training
Mark is a Level 3 REPS Advanced Personal Trainer experienced in endurance, strength and power training, as well being able to provide weight management and nutritonal advice. Mark is also a qualified
Essential Awareness
Most of us have tried dieting with little success. Bristol Hypnotherapist Lou Palmer has been using The Hypnotic Gastric Band with fantastic results for 100s of clients around the world for over 5