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Welcome to Vitality Health Clinic, Cardiff, the first step on your journey to a vibrant new you. Heroes come in many shapes and sizes and with a unique set of challenges. Here at Vitality we have the
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There is a growing consensus that weight training (strength training) can help you lose stomach fat faster than doing just cardio exercise alone. In 1999 a group of researchers set out to explore the
Nutrition 4 You
I have a professional sporting background which gave me a real appreciation of healthy living. I then qualified as a cordon bleu chef and spent many years in an award winning restaurant. My love and
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This is achieved through a combination of demanding (but fun!) outdoor activities and a challenging exercise programme. Any boot camp can make you lose weight by exercising you for 12 hours a day and
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Welcome to Boxfit Personal Training, The Most Rewarding Fitness and Weight Loss Solution in Cardiff. Our team of top personal trainers offer amazing results and over the last 13 years they have helped
Medmunch helps make the Mediterranean diet practical for everyday life. We create easy to follow recipes and meal plans that anybody can follow if they want to lose weight and get healthy.