Natural Alternative

Our clients are national, so are we. With access to over 1,400 qualified Nutritionists, we maintain our professionalism by using only a select number of Nutritionists who are registered with BANT (professional association) and CNHC (UK regulator). We provide local Nutritionists to ensure a closer bond with employees and a greater relationship with the client. Working closely with clients is crucial to understanding their requirements and how we can best achieve them.

Our aim is to make healthcare more accessible. Bringing health professionals into the workplace which is convenient and cost effective for both employee and employer.

The Natural Alternative was founded in 2006 by Anjanette Fraser combining a passion for nutrition and business. Following a career in Corporate Finance at PricewaterhouseCoopers and Nutrition qualifications from Australia (the health capital of the world!), Anjanette decided to put her business advice into practice.