Mike Brookes Manchester PT

6 Years ago I was unhappy overweight and craved food to curb the depression I was going through. I was in a hole, I wasn't sleeping well, I felt tired and exhausted all the time and my motivation was basically zero! It was only when realised what I was doing wasn't going to get any better unless I started to make the changes myself.

Little steps every day from slowly training, to monitoring my calories when changes started to become noticeable to the people in my life they started supporting me, which I turned their support into the focus and motivation to keep the fire alive inside and ultimately transformed my body from being overweight and unhealthy to looking great for a 44-year-old!

I've coached a wide range of clients over the years as their No1 Manchester personal trainer using my own health and fitness experiences and muscle building knowledge to transform their lifestyles for the better.

Most clients that come to me need help with guidance and motivation, and that's why I have become one of the best Manchester-based personal trainers for my clients because I've been in my client's situation before, I've felt unhappy, I've had the lack of energy, motivation and, I too was embarrassed with how I looked, and by using my own personal weight loss experience and my years of hands-on experience of being a leading Manchester personal trainer and nutrition coach.