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Hi my name is Wayne Collier, and ever since I left school at 15, for the past 35 years plus I have been YO, YO Dieting until I started to understand how my body worked and how everyone's body and needs are very different. Once you understand your body it's a Life Style Change you have to go through and not a DIET. Understanding your body is the key to a Life Style Change and Weight Loss Management. Over the years I have tried all kinds of Diets and just as quick as I lost the weight within months I would have put it all back on plus more.

To avoid the common problem of Yo, Yo Dieting, it's important that you know first what causes it. The Yo, Yo Dieting and the effects caused by weight loss plans that involve missing meals, fasting and crash diets to lower your daily caloric intake. When you deprive your body of the calories it needs for energy, it adapts to the change by slowing down your metabolism. Metabolism is the process where your body burns the food you eat in order to produce energy.

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3 Woodside

Maldon, CM9 8YB
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