Jamie Richards Nutrition

Jamie Richards is a Bristol and South West based nutrition, health and performance consultancy offering a wide range of solutions for individuals, organisations, teams and athletes. Regain health, optimise weight and improve performance in every aspect of life.

I believe that we can do better. I believe that we can improve the status quo. Current mainstream nutritional and lifestyle advice is detrimental to both physical health and emotional development. This lies at the heart of my work, why I study so hard and my desire to inspire, educate and support my clients from all walks of life.

At 37 I thought there was nothing that could really change the way I lived, ate and trained - those habits were so part of me. Seeing Jamie not only changed my eating patterns, but my life. Don't waste time thinking about going to see him - seize the day; it will be the best investment in your health, your future and your lifespan that you could ever make.