City Of London Personal Training

The fitness industry these days seems literally flooded with magic pill supplements, celebrity diets, useless yo-yo fad diets, gimmicky weight loss DVD's, fly by night personal trainers and far too much more to mention. So I'm here to cut through all the rubbish and make things simple for you, you want to get into great shape right? Well then take a moment to read this page to find out how I get my clients the results they want time and time again by doing what works, getting rid of all the gimmicks and by concentrating on your goals not mine.

I know that most of you reading this will have at some point in your life tried a fad diet or exercise program that didn't work. Maybe you've tried many over the years and have been left with the feeling that maybe it's just you. I know how bad frustration can make you feel, I spent the best part of my teenage years trying to carve out a career in professional sport only to be told at the end of it all "sorry son you're just not good enough!"