Weightcare Slimming Consultancy

Weightcare Slimming Consultancy was founded in Leicestershire in 1981 by Alison Allen and Elaine Bartlett. Since that time, unbelievable weight loss has been achieved in classes throughout the Midlands by thousands of members who have transformed their lives in many ways. It is because of Alison and Elaine's experience of a lifetime's weight problem and their enthusiasm that has brought about the success of Weightcare. The company has been run personally by Alison and Elaine for almost 30 years and it is their driving force and motivation that has given Weightcare the reputation of excellent service and care that it enjoys today. Weightcare offer, not just ONE diet plan but, a choice of medically approved diets to suit each individual. It is the personal and individual approach to slimming that makes Weightcare's methods prove to be so successful.