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Perfect portion control and maintaining the right weight for your height can be achieved through healthy diet and exercise, it's a fact that many of us already know. What we often don't know, is the easy weight loss methods in which to achieve and maintain losing weight each and every month.

We understand the honest effort that must be made, and not the fast harmful route of a diet pill or crash diet. The change must be consistent to lifestyle, unlike a diet pill designed to alter the body's chemistry or a starvation diet regime that causes massive harm. Losing weight must incorporate the long term goal of a healthy life and prevention of illness, if we are to avoid co-morbidities like Type 2 Diabetes, some cancers, liver or kidney disease. It is also the sustainability of this lifestyle that we concentrate our efforts on, what we offer is not a quick fix, although the Diet Plate has shown rapid results but more of a way of life, that is easy to follow and gives results.

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Stockport, SK1 2HX
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