I offer a holistic approach to weight loss and wellbeing. I work closely with my clients over a 4 or 12 week period offering 1:1 consultations to help achieve natural weight loss, improved health, energy and wellbeing through simple and practical nutrition guidance. I investigate the underlying reasons for weight gain, inability to lose weight, fatigue, digestive issues and other health concerns / symptoms. With my personal assistance I empower you to 'dump the junk' and make room for 'real' wholesome foods.

I offer a healthy kitchen cupboard detox which allows a new, healthier and happier you to emerge. I enable my clients to make intelligent food choices through restocking their cupboards with the 'good stuff' which means an assisted personal shopping trip on how to shop healthily. I inspire my clients to get back on the right track through 1:1 cooking classes - allowing you to prepare your kitchen for success, experiencing healthy foods and flavours in a practical and fun way.