Healthy Results

Mark is a fully qualified food intolerance practitioner, nutritional advisor, personal trainer + Gp Referral Instructor with over 7 years experience. Over the years he has been able to help improve people's fitness and nutritional lifestyle. His vast expertise allows him to advise on any on-going issues mentioned on this website. With Mark's knowledge he helps to guide people to eliminate their symptoms as much as possible. However it all depends on the severity of the intolerance, the motivation and drive of the person to keep symptoms at bay, and not continuously consuming the foods that give them the discomfort but giving them better healthy alternatives. By doing this, they will bring back a balance to their body. When the body is more in balance symptoms subside, energy levels increase, sleep cycles are improved, weight loss can occur, the mind becomes sharper and clearer, the immune system is strengthened and a good sense of general well being is felt.