Fresh Eyes Nutrition

I work in a whole body and deep cellular way to peel away the layers of dis-ease 'like peeling an onion'. I work to optimise your food/nutrition intake ensuring what, when and how you eat fits your individual needs. I also work with using food and wholefood state nutritional supplements, which the body recognises as food to create optimum nutrition for the body. Working deeply into the body enables access to the root causes rather than just looking at symptoms of health issues.

What are my qualifications? I have an Advanced Diploma in Holistic Nutritional Therapy Practice from the College of Holistic Health & Nutrition. I have a Diploma in Integrative Counselling which enables me to be a very good listener and attune to what you and your body are saying. I also create a motivational approach so that I help to keep you on track if the 'going gets tough' through your nutritional therapy. Healing can be challenging, but the rewards can be life changing for your health issues!

How do I practice?