Clare MacLeod MSc

Clare graduated with a first class BSc honours degree in equine science in 1997. She first worked for a leading horse feed company as their nutritionist, then spent several years working for a leading horse feed and supplement company, giving nutrition and dietary advice to horse owners, yard managers, and vets, formulating products, and writing articles. During this time Clare co-authored a research paper investigating antacid supplementation for horses that crib and windsuck, which was published in the scientific journal Ippologia. During 2001/02 she independently achieved her Masters degree (MSc) in human and equine sports science with distinction at the University of Essex. Clare's first book The Truth About Feeding Your Horse was published in February 2007 by J A Allen. Clare attends nutrition, health and exercise conferences whenever she can, including the European nutrition and training meeting ENUTRACO and the international exercise physiology meeting ICEEP.