Barbara Wicks Nutritional Therapy

I had a keen interest in herbs and nutrition since I was a teenager. My great-grandfather was a self-taught herbalist in Poland many years ago and his work influenced me a lot. I trained to be an English teacher initially, having gained a Masters Degree in English, and worked in education and local government sectors.

It was my son's health problems when he was a very young child, which rekindled my interest in nutrition and complementary therapies in general. I did a lot of self-study and research at the time, trying to find a non-pharmaceutical solution for his medical condition. It was really hard at times, but eventually my perseverance paid off. With a careful combination of diet, herbs, supplements and a lifestyle change, my son's health gradually improved. Within three years from when his problems first started, he changed from a boy who had 3 to 4 colds every winter (and some in warmer months as well) and coughed and wheezed every night, to one that hardly got ill any more.